ISIN: LU0955077192
According to the SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation), this product promotes environmental or social characteristics but does not aim at sustainable investment.
Investors should be aware and prepared to accept that, for those Funds which have a sustainable management process, this process is based on the use of a proprietary model to determine the ESG score. There is a risk that this model may not be efficient. The performance of these Funds may therefore be below the management objective.
Article 8
SRI Label
NET ASSET VALUE|11/08/20220.00 EUR
FIRST NAV DATE|19/07/2013
TOTAL AUM|11/08/20220.00 MEUR
FUND UNIT AUM|11/08/20220.00 MEUR
* Benchmark: JP Morgan ESG GBI-EM Global Diversified

SSP OFI RS Global Emerging Debt is a subfund of the Luxembourg SSP SICAV. The subfund is meant to be invested in emerging market debt denominated in local or hard currencies. The subfund invests at least two thirds of its assets in emerging market* sovereign bonds but can, however, invest up to one third in emerging-market corporate bonds.
The management team completes his financial analysis by analysing extra-financial criteria in order to favour a "Socially Responsible Investment" (SRI) selection of portfolio companies. The fund focuses on environmental issues by investing at least 30% of its assets in impact bonds.
The management team analyses the risks and rewards on emerging debt markets to select portfolio bonds, and constantly monitor issuers and market liquidity.
The subfund aims to outperform its benchmark index the JP Morgan ESG GBI EM Global Diversified**.
* Emerging markets are countries that are considered by the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) or any other major investment banks to be in the process of developing industrially. These are countries of Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, or, more precisely but not exhaustively: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, South Africa, Egypt and Israel.
** For more information: www.jpmorgan.com

AMF classification
Legal form
Inception date
Recommended investment horizon
SRRI is an indicator going from 1 to 7 and corresponding to increasing risk levels. Risk and performance category indicated in this document is subject to change. This category is determined by the application of a regulatory methodology. For more details about this methodology, please refer to the Key investor information document (KIID).
Risk detail - OFI Asset Management
Debt Securities: debt securities are subject to the risk of an issuer's inability to meet principal and interest payments on the obligation (credit risk) and may also be subject to price volatility due to such factors as interest rate sensitivity, market perception of the creditworthiness of the issuer and general market liquidity (market risk).
Liquidity Risk: it is the risk that certain securities may be difficult or impossible to sell at the time that the seller would like or at the price that the seller believes the security is currently worth.
Concentration Risk: the concentration risk arises mainly from two types of imperfect diversification: “name” and sector concentrations. Name concentration happens when the idiosyncratic risk cannot be perfectly diversified due to large (relative to the size of the portfolio) exposures to individual borrowers. Sector concentration emerges when the portfolio is not perfectly diversified across sectoral factors, corresponding to systematic components of risk.
Interest Rate Risk: the value of the sub-fund’s portfolio is linked to the Interest Rate Level. The degree of the fluctuation is linked to the sensitivity of the portfolio.
Currency Risk: the fund can invest directly in derivatives instrument linked to currencies or invest in instrument valued in a currency different than the reference currency of the fund.
Emerging Market Risk: for the Sub-Funds authorised to invest in emerging markets, investors should be aware that some markets in which Sub-Funds may invest are emerging markets subject to periods of growth, instability and change. The activity of custodian banks is not as developed in emerging countries and this may lead to difficulties in the liquidation and registration of transactions. The stock exchanges concerned are smaller and more volatile than the stock markets of more developed countries. A small number of issuers account for a large share of market capitalisation and quotation value of these exchanges. In the past, some of these exchanges have experienced substantial volatility of prices or were closed unexpectedly and for long periods of time. There is no guarantee that such events will not be repeated. In emerging markets there is the risk of political or economic changes which could unfavourably influence the value of a Sub-Fund’s investment. In these regions, the risk that the main investment objective, i.e. appreciation of capital, will not be achieved is even more substantial.
Risk associatived with Investments in Russia and Ukraine: equity investments in Russia and Ukraine are currently subject to certain risks with regard to the ownership and custody of securities. This results from the fact that no physical share certificates are issued and ownership of securities is evidenced by entries in the books of a company or its registrar (which is neither an agent nor responsible to the Depositary, other than by the local regulation). No certificates representing shareholdings in Russian and Ukrainian companies will be held by the Depositary or any of its local correspondents or in an effective central depositary system. Securities traded on the Moscow Stock Exchange MICEX-RTS (Moscow Stock Exchange) can be treated as investment in securities dealt in on a regulated market.
Risk associatived with Investments in Synthetic convertible bonds: investors should be aware that the price of the underlying and the interest rate sensitivity may have an adverse impact on the value of the synthetic convertible bonds.
Global Exposure: this Sub-Fund uses the commitment approach to monitor and measure the global exposure.
  • NAV DATE|11/08/2022

Historical Net Asset Values

  • ISIN CodeLU0955077192
  • Unit currencyEUR
  • Agreement date11/08/2022
  • Inception date19/07/2013
  • First NAV date19/07/2013
  • Valuation frequencyDaily
  • Regulatory authority
  • AMF classification
  • UCITS V classification
  • Legal formSICAV
  • Fund of funds Non
  • Feeder Non
  • Distribution policyDistribution
  • ‘PEA’ eligible Non
  • Maximum management fees1.30 %
  • Maximum susbscription fees0.00 %
  • Maximum redemption fees0.00 %
  • Maximum subscription fees – non acquired1.00 %
  • Maximum redemption fees– non acquired 0.00 %
  • Outperformance fees
  • CustodianJP MORGAN SE LUX
  • Administrative agentJP MORGAN SE LUX
  • Asset management companyOFI LUX
  • Delegated asset management companySYNCICAP AM
  • Subscription cut-off
  • Subscription cut-off time12:00:00
  • Redemption cut-off
  • Redemption cut-off time12:00:00
  • Settlement date
  • Decimalisation2 decimals
  • Terms of redemption
  • Terms of subscription
  • Minimum subscription amount0.00 EUR
  • Minimum subscription units0.00
  • Minimum initial subscription amount0.00 EUR
  • Minimum initial subscription units0.00
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