Real estate

OFI Pierre specialises in managing real-estate funds
As an OFI Group subsidiary, OFI Pierre specialises in managing real-estate funds for third-party investors.

Certified in February 2017, OFI Pierre aims to develop and manage real-estate funds (OPCI) for institutional investors and OPCI funds for retail investors, mainly to serve as unit-linked vehicles for multi-vehicles life insurance contracts.

OFI Pierre includes in its strategy high standards in the areas of environmental protection and socially responsible investment (SRI) in favour of responsible finance.
OFI Pierre stands out in its investment philosophy, which reflects the values of sustainable development in terms of:

  • The property’s usefulness (e.g., a building that suits its occupants’ expectations);
  • How well it is integrated into its overall architectural environment (green spaces, green walls, winter gardens, etc.);
  • Its sustainability (energy savings and labelling criteria);
  • Its location (near transports, its neighbourhood, its strategic location, etc.);
  • How comfortable it is (thermally, acoustically, etc.);
  • Its societal impact.

With its multi-disciplinary and experienced team, OFI Pierre takes part in various real-estate investment segments, such as offices, retail and managed residences. Its standards are very high in asset and property management for its properties and in its determination to create value.