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InfraVia Capital Partners is an independent investment firm specialising in infrastructure
As a subsidiary of OFI Group, InfraVia Capital Partners is an independent investment firm specialising in infrastructure, mainly in Europe.

The firm's six hallmarks are:

  • An investment strategy based on the European mid-market, assisted by its familiarity with the sector and its sub-sectors;
  • Value creation throughout the duration of investment, from identifying opportunities to following through on the investment;
  • Dynamic and pragmatic management of assets with the objective of beating initial business plan targets and seizing value-creation opportunities as they emerge;
  • An entrepreneurial spirit backed by an institutional DNA (with a strategic partnership set up in 2008 between InfraVia and OFI Asset Management);
  • The inclusion of sustainable development criteria in the investment process, in order to contribute to value creation for clients and partners, whether public or private (with the implementation of a sustainable development policy that is specific to infrastructure investment);
  • Institutional backing: InfraVia avails itself of the reputation and institutional backing of OFI Asset Management.

InfraVia currently manages about 1.9 billion euros via three diversified funds that, in compliance with sustainable development criteria, invest in the sectors of transport, energy, utilities, social infrastructure, and communications.

The company is backed by a team of entrepreneurs sharing the same culture of investment and based in Paris, where all investment and management operations are handled. This proximity lets the team retain some investment discipline while developing a solid entrepreneurial culture.