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Money market

A selection of issuers based on heightened standards of quality and prudence

OFI Asset Management's money-market team consists of two experienced manager/analysts who have worked together since 1998. They call on their skills in developing strategies to reduce risk and optimise fund management, with Eonia* serving as their benchmark.
The securities selection process is based on exacting financial criteria regarding quality and prudence and includes dual credit and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) research on issuers.
This allows the managers to generate synergies with the OFI Group’s other fields of expertise, particularly the credit research, ESG research and risk management team at various stages of the management process. Their bedrock principles are high standards in selecting issuers, dispersion of risks, and optimised management of maturities. Liquidity is a basic criterion in building our portfolios.

To address various investment horizons, OFI Asset Management offers two open-ended funds with sector and geographical diversification, with a structural bias in favour of companies.
* To find out more go to www.banque-france.fr