Complementary management approaches offering equity market exposure that is adapted to investors' profiles

OFI Asset Management's capabilities are seen mainly in fundamental conviction-based strategies invested in the euro zone and elsewhere in Europe. The management teams call on their close familiarity with the companies and their managers in identifying the best long-term investment opportunities.
OFI AM is truly committed to sustainable development and also offers a broad range of SRI and/or thematic funds (solidarity investments, energy transition, and others) through its OFI Responsible Solutions (OFI RS) range.
To address investors’ need for diversification, OFI AM has developed a broader offering covering the main investment regions of the United States, China and emerging markets. These strategies are managed in-house or through partnerships with local specialists.
To go with this fundamentals-based investment approach, OFI AM manages equity funds based on a quantitative investment approach, including euro zone smart beta and US multi-factor strategies.

To allow investors to diversify their equity market exposure, OFI AM offers a range of funds covering the main geographical regions and based on various investment styles.

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