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Access to the main asset classes and geographical regions, with a diversified and flexible approach

To meet investors' needs on markets that are in constant flux, OFI Asset Management's expertise in diversified investment is based on two business lines: strategic and tactical allocation.
Strategic allocation, which is based mainly on quantitative research, makes it possible to integrate risk factors at an early stage, in order to optimise exposure to various asset classes.
Tactical allocation is based on quantitative and/or discretionary management.
Quantitative research targets specific risks (e.g., limiting volatility or maximum loss).
Discretionary research results from regular meetings of OFI Asset Management's management teams and optimises portfolio allocation over a short-term horizon. It aims to adjust the portfolio to market shifts.
Investment vehicles (stocks or funds) are then selected on a discretionary basis by specialised teams to exploit various sources of value, including liquidity, valuations, styles, primary market, relative value, etc.
The euro zone profiled range also includes an extra-financial approach to its investments.

There are three types of investment management:

  • Flexible multi-asset management: a balance between asset allocation and risk control to optimise long-term portfolio performance while reducing overall risk.
  • Model-driven management: quantitative strategies for determining strategic allocation, selection and tactical allocation based on each need (smart beta, international diversification, SRI/decarbonisation, etc.).
  • Overlay management: heightened robustness, thanks to a predominant tactical allocation that aims to limit market and idiosyncratic risks (maximum drawdown, volatility, etc.), which is offered in dedicated and tailored investment solutions.
A diversified and flexible approach to adjust to markets in constant flux, offered in a range of funds that are complementary in terms of risk/reward and diversification.