Wellbeing within the company

Simple and concrete actions
Wellbeing within the company: CSR approach of OFI Asset Management
Management and communication training

At the instigation of the General Management, several employees have participated in the Management and/or Process Comms courses. These courses are designed to develop managerial skills and communication techniques that focus on the understanding of personalities, facilitating relationships with colleagues, peers and clients, or personal relationships. These are also special moments of sharing among employees that create a collective dynamic and a common language, and promote cohesion.

Wellbeing for greater efficiency

Within its offices, the OFI Group has created relaxation areas designed to encourage discussion and team cohesion. Employees have a cafeteria and a well-equipped sports hall.
The OFI Group has been organising yoga classes since 2013, which are now attended by nearly 40 employees.

Openness to diversity

Our employees represent 13 different nationalities. The OFI Group is convinced that the diversity of its teams brings greater creativity and therefore improved performance.
While the OFI Group currently employs more men (62%) than women, it is mindful to limit this gap and is committed to ensuring that there is no discrimination in terms of pay, training or professional development.

Consideration for parenthood

As part of reflection on the balance between family and working life, the OFI Group decided to reserve micro-crèche places in "Crèches et Malices" facilities for its employees, with financial support from the company. Most have chosen to place their children in facilities close to their place of work to combine practicality and proximity.