The OFI Group story

That of a responsible and committed contributor
The OFI Group story: that of a responsible and committed contributor

It is also the story of the men and women who bring to life the founding values of a resolutely forward-looking group that places customer satisfaction at the heart of its development strategy.

€73bn *
2018 Acquisition of a stake in FINAVEO
2017 Creation of OFI Pierre, OFI Patrimonial & IZNES - Acquisition of a stake in Crystal Group
2015 Creation of SWEN CP and integration of Prim'Finance
2014 Merger of OFI Mandats and Macif Gestion with OFI AM
2013 Partnership between MAN and OFI Group
2011 Creation of Zencap AM and OFI Premium - QFII licence and quota **
2010 Integration of Macif Gestion
2009 Takeover of ADI
2008 Creation of OFI InfraVia
2006 Ofivalmo Gestion becomes OFI AM
2004 Creation of OFI MGA
1995 Creation of OFI Gestion Privée
1992 Creation of Ofivalmo Gestion
1971 Creation of Ofivalmo
* Assets under Management as of 30/06/19, after reduction of shareholdings in Infravia Capital Partners (March 2019)
** Necessary condition to invest on the Chinese domestic market (market A)