Patronage of the arts

To ensure pleasure is shared, to bear witness to one's era, to be associated to creativity: these are the objectives that OFI pursues in its patronage activities
As with artistic creation, the expectations of our clients and the evolution of the markets require us to constantly achieve new levels of creativity.

Thus over the past 25 years the OFI Group has been committed to patronising the arts, to help nearly 300 artists raise their profile, and by exhibiting more than 600 works. The works acquired by the OFI collection, displayed in our offices, are an essential source of creative inspiration both for our employees and for our visitors.
Each year we organise eight exhibitions systematically linking two artists.


Nathalie CARRAL

Head of Patronage

Current exhibition

From 18 May to 8 July 2022

from 10:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday in the OFI premises
Compulsory health pass
Frédérique DOMERGUE
OFI AM and Patronage of the arts: Frédérique DOMERGUE
OFI AM and Patronage of the arts: Pierre YERMIA
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