The OFI Group story

That of a responsible and committed contributor
The OFI Group story: that of a responsible and committed contributor

It is also the story of the men and women who bring to life the founding values of a resolutely forward-looking group that places customer satisfaction at the heart of its development strategy.

€73bn *
2019 Reduction of the stake in InfraVia
2018 Acquisition of a stake in ALPHEYS (formerly FINAVEO)
2017 Creation of OFI Pierre & IZNES - Acquisition of a stake in Crystal Group
2015 Creation of SWEN CP and integration of Prim'Finance
2014 Merger of OFI Mandats and Macif Gestion with OFI AM
2011 Creation of Zencap AM - QFII licence and quota **
2010 Integration of Macif Gestion
2009 Takeover of ADI
2008 Creation of OFI InfraVia
2006 Ofivalmo Gestion becomes OFI AM
1992 Creation of Ofivalmo Gestion
1971 Creation of Ofivalmo
* AUM as of end June 2021, after the exit of the AUM perimeter of InfraviaCapitalPartners in March 2019 and MUTEX mandate in October 2020
** Necessary condition to invest on the Chinese domestic market (market A)