Listed assets

Listed assets: OFI Asset Management expertise

The OFI Group relies on its multi-expert culture and its knowledge of the markets, regulations and constraints unique to each type of investor in order to adapt its offering and to better support its clients in their investment decisions.

The OFI Group's management expertise covers the main asset classes, whether in direct management or multi-management, and is designed for open-ended funds or dedicated funds.

Money Market

The OFI Asset Management team specialising in money markets, is made up of two analyst managers who have a wealth of experience and who have been working together since 1998.
The selection process meets strict quality and prudence criteria and includes a two-fold credit and ESG (environmental, social and governance) analysis of issuers. The main aim of the team is to ensure protection of investments and to optimise fund management, using the Eonia rate as the benchmark index.

OFI Asset Management offers two open-ended funds in order to respond to different needs in terms of investment horizon.

Fixed Income

OFI Asset Management offers a wide range of additional Fixed income expertise in terms of investment universe (Investment Grade, High Yield, bond allocation, etc.) and management approaches (benchmarked, absolute return, maturity funds, SRI, etc).
This expertise enables OFI Asset Management to meet various strategic objectives, whatever the investment horizon.

The range of funds is characterised by ethical management, based on a fundamental and relative analysis of issuers, working closely with our credit research team.

It is characterised by strong positioning in terms of business sector, duration and yield curve positioning.

Convertible Bonds

The OFI Asset Management team, specialising in convertible bonds, is made up of three portfolio manager-analysts with a strong experience in this asset class.
The team uses an approach geared towards the selection of convertibles bonds, favouring companies with strong potential for development, while providing them with support and financing their projects.
The convertible bond management team does not directly invest in equity. It may use synthetic convertibles in the interests of diversification, or hold exclusively post-conversion equity.

The range is made up of supplementary funds in terms of equity sensitivity and geographical diversification, and is differentiated by its socially responsible approach to investments in Euro and Europe funds.


OFI Asset Management's expertise in equity mainly revolves around conviction based and fundamental strategies, investing in the eurozone and in Europe.
Management teams use their extensive knowledge of companies and their executive management in order to identify the best long-term investment opportunities.
To meet investors’ diversification requirements, OFI AM has developed a more extensive range covering the main investment areas such as the United States, China and emerging markets. These strategies are managed internally or through partnerships developed with local specialists.

OFI AM is fully committed to sustainable development and also offers a wide range of SRI and/or theme-based funds (social impact investing, energy transition, etc.) through its OFI Responsible Solutions range (OFI RS).

In addition to this fundamental management approach, OFI AM manages equity funds based on a quantitative investment approach, such as smart beta funds in the eurozone or multifactor funds in the United States.

Multi Asset

To meet the needs of customers within constantly changing markets, the expertise of OFI AM in multi asset management is based on two key areas: strategic allocation and tactical allocation.

Strategic allocation, primarily the result of quantitative analysis, enables risk factors to be integrated upstream in order to optimise exposure to different asset classes.
Tactical allocation is the result of quantitative and/or discretionary analysis.
The former aims to hedge against a specific risk. The latter, the result of regular management team committee meetings, optimises allocation of the portfolio over a more short-term horizon: it aims to adapt the portfolio to changes in the market.
OFI has developed three types of management:

  • Flexible multi-asset management: a balance between asset allocation and risk control, aimed at optimising the performance of the portfolio over the long term while lowering the overall risk.
  • Model-based management: quantitative management enabling the strategic allocation, selection and tactical allocation to be defined based on each requirement (smart beta funds, international diversification, SRI/decarbonisation, etc).
  • Overlay management: increased strength, thanks to predominantly tactical allocation, aimed at limiting market risks or specific risks (maximum drawdown, volatility, etc.), offered as part of dedicated bespoke investment solutions.

Absolute Return

The strong volatility we have seen over the last ten years has brought with it a great many doubts over the health of the international economy, market liquidity, the limitations of highly accommodative monetary policies and a weakened geopolitical situation.
Record low, even negative interest rates on money market and bond assets have created a new paradigm on the markets. They are considerably altering the standards to which we have become accustomed and make returns harder to find.

Absolute return strategies are a suitable response to this economic and financial environment.

They aim to offer a positive performance, separated from traditional asset classes, with a generally lower volatility. They therefore play a role in a diversified portfolio, as a complement to traditional management.

Real Assets

With performance generally that show little correlation with performances of traditional asset classes, real assets constitute a source of portfolio diversification.
For almost ten years now, OFI Asset Management has been developing expertise on the real asset market and has an extensive understanding of the main factors capable of influencing that market (regulations and macroeconomic, financial and geopolitical developments, the weather, production, storage, etc).

OFI AM is now able to offer the only UCITS V fund exposed to precious metals available in France.