Simple and concrete actions
Environment: CSR approach of OFI Asset Management
Saving energy

The OFI Group has set out a charter inviting employees to adopt a certain number of everyday behaviours regarding the use of new technologies (computers, printers, etc.). Preference is given to the purchase of low power consumption computers and monitors. Obsolete computers are donated to schools or to companies that recycle them.
Printer and photocopier cartridges, batteries and old mobile phones are recycled.

HQE label

The OFI Group's building has been redeveloped with a view to Sustainable Development. Accredited by the HQE association (High Environmental Quality), acoustic standards are strictly adhered to in order to avoid any noise pollution. The building is controlled by a Centralised Technical Management system, a monitoring method that provides increased security for infrastructure and cost-effective energy management.

Clean transport

The OFI Group favours hybrid taxis, messengers on electric scooters and video-conferencing. Flights are reserved for medium and long journeys. Short trips are taken by train. Subscriptions to the Vélib' bike sharing scheme are available to employees.

Paper consumption

A number of measures have been put in place to reduce the amount of paper consumed: printing on both sides, reducing the volumes printed, using recycled paper (European eco-label).
Paper is systematically collected and recycled by a social enterprise employing people with disabilities or in the process of rehabilitation (Elise). This company also collects cans and plastic bottles.

Recycling cigarette butts

The OFI Group is one of the first companies to provide a solution allowing its employees to recycle cigarette butts through Cy-clope, the leading way for companies to manage cigarette butts.
The butts are collected, sorted and recycled. The paper, ash and tobacco are compostable and the filter serves as a base for bio-plastics: watering cans, garden furniture, industrial pallets, etc.