Community actions

Simple and concrete actions
Community actions: CSR approach of OFI Asset Management
Partner of Handi Forma Finance

The OFI Group is part of the disability working group of the AFG (the French Asset Management Association): HandiFormaFinance.
Asset Management Companies, the AFG and Depositories and Fund Administrators within the AFTI are coming together to make their professions more accessible to people with disabilities.
HandiFormaFinance offers people with disabilities the chance to take the professional degree course at Paris Ouest Nanterre university entitled "Back & Middle Office Management of Financial Assets".

Glasses without Borders

The company is organising a collection of glasses for the Lunettes sans Frontière (Glasses without Borders) association, which cleans, sorts and distributes these glasses (or sunglasses) to deprived people in more than 70 countries (including France).

Community day

Every year, the OFI Group organises a community day, which allows its employees to come together in support of an action open to all, consisting of donating personal items that they no longer use to a charity. Employees' donations are received by the association, which forwards them to the beneficiary association (Apprentis d'Auteuil, Emmaus Pereire, Solidarité Bébé, the Association des Cités du Secours Catholique and the French Red Cross...).

Architectes de l'Urgence Foundation

The OFI Group sponsors the sustainable actions of the Architectes de l’Urgence (Emergency Architects) Foundation, which provides advice and assistance to people experiencing natural, technological or man-made disasters in France and abroad. It also participates in the conversations following any disaster and can take action as part of a heritage conservation mission.